Night trains in Europe: information and ticketsNight trains in Europe: information and tickets

If you're looking for an eco-friendly and efficient way to cross different countries, night trains are the ideal solution. Discover our range of night trains from Belgium and elsewhere. Book your journey to the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy,...

Our night train connections

Nightjet trains connect Austria with many other European countries by night, including Belgium.
European Sleeper
Direct night train that connects Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin.
Intercités de Nuit
SNCF night trains travel from Paris (Paris-Austerlitz station) to the South of France.
Intercity Notte
Cross Italy from North to South by night with Trenitalia's Intercity Notte trains.

Latest News

ÖBB Nightjet
New Nightjet service to Berlin
06/09 | ÖBB Nightjet will soon be connecting Brussels to Berlin by night train too.
Sleeping woman in NightJet overnight train
Nightjet also to service Munich, Rosenheim and Salzburg
08/09 | Departing from Brussels, the Nightjet train to Vienna is adding extra destinations to its itinerary.

Nightjet and European Sleeper night train services

The below cities are directly accessible by night train from Belgium, either with Nightjet or European Sleeper.

As from 2024, Dresden and Prague will also be serviced.


The benefits of night trains

  • Optimise your travel time: travel by night and arrive rested at the destination of your choice.
  • Save a hotel night: the night train is both your accommodation and your mean of transportation.
  • Travel comfortably : there are different compartments to suit all tastes. From seats to couchettes and private cabins.
  • Travel sustainably : trains are very energy-efficient and more respectful of the environment than air or road transport.
  • Travel from city centre to city centre : no need for extra transfers to get to your destination.

Ideas for travelling by night

Nightjet: from Brussels to Vienna

The Austrian Federal Railways company ÖBB operates multiple Nightjet services between Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. These overnight services include classic routes such as Brussels-Vienna, Munich-Rome, Amsterdam Innsbruck or Stuttgart-Venice, for example.

Intercités de Nuit: SNCF's night trains in France

We recently started offering night trains in France again for travel from 11 December 2022. With the Intercités de Nuit, you depart from Paris (Paris Austerlitz) in the evening, and arrive at your destination in the morning. Some examples: travel to Albi, Toulouse, Nice, Cannes, the Spanish border, the Pyrenees or the ski resorts near Briançon in the French Alps.

European Sleeper: Berlin as final destination

European Sleeper's Good Night Train connects Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin three times a week. Depart from Brussels or Antwerp in the early evening and arrive in the heart of Berlin the next morning at breakfast time.

Intercity Notte: Italy's Dolce Vita

In the mood for something sunnier? Why not plan a trip to Italy or Spain? Travel within either country overnight with Trenitalia's Intercity Notte (in Italy) and RENFE (in Spain). Alternatively, travel between Portugal and Spain by night: the service runs between Lisbon, Madrid and Irun.

Euronight to Eastern Europe

Discover the gems of Eastern Europe, such as Zagreb, Bucharest and Budapest. Embrace the unorthodox with the EuroNight train services starting in Munich, Zurich and Vienna.

How about taking a trip further east? Climb aboard a EuroNight train in Paris or Berlin and set off for Brest (Belarus), Minsk or Moscow. The EuroNight service also connects these three cities to Nice, Milan, Vienna, Prague and Warsaw.

Scandinavian Night trains

Sweden (and Scandinavia in general) is one of the hottest destinations right now. If you're planning to travel within Sweden, we recommend taking advantage of the night train service that links the larger cities such as Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Sundsvall, Östersund and Boden. And if you're already in Sweden, why not take a trip to neighbouring Norway? Travel from Stockholm directly to Oslo and even to the town of Narvik in the north – by night train, of course ;-)

Finland has a remarkably broad night train network: Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Oulu, Kemi and Kolari are just some of the cities in Finland that are connected by the country's night train service. If you start your journey in Helsinki, a grand international night train route awaits you: you can take the overnight Tolstoy train via St Petersburg all the way to Moscow.